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2FA Recovery Code Issue (Prey Team announcement)

Howdy Preyans We are receiving several messages regarding the two-step authentication security code going rogue, preventing you from accessing your Prey account. Here is what you need to do: If you have the recovery c…

6 July 28, 2020
Frequently Asked Support Questions

Why doesn't Prey locate my device? The most important thing to keep in mind is that Prey will only run on devices that are turned on and conncted to the internet. Prey can only track computers that are connected to Wi…

6 October 5, 2020
How to ask for Help

We're always glad to assist you with anything you need regarding Prey. To make things easier for everyone, make sure to check our knowledge base and community first, but if the problem is still not solved, please include…

3 May 22, 2017
About the Help category 1 May 5, 2017
Prey cannot get the location of my device 1 November 26, 2020
Can't access account anymore 2 November 24, 2020
"The Prey Client is installed but doesn't support connection status reporting"
1 November 20, 2020
Unable to install Remote Management Profile – macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 10 November 24, 2020
Certificate push to iOS 14.2 devices not working
2 November 18, 2020
Is it possible to dual boot but have both instances show up as the same laptop? 2 November 18, 2020
We’ve launched Prey for Android 2.2.9

We’ve launched Prey for Android 2.2.9 Last week we informed of a bug where the Prey client caused a block screen that locked certain Android users from accessing their phones or tablets until a passkey was introduced. I…

2 November 13, 2020
Lanzamos la versión de Prey para Android 2.2.9

La semana pasada informamos sobre un error donde el cliente de Prey lanzaba una pantalla de bloqueo que impedía a ciertos usuarios de Android acceder a su teléfono o tablet hasta que se ingresara una contraseña. Para mej…

2 November 13, 2020
Looking for technical answers about this product 2 November 18, 2020
Unknown Location after MacOS Catalina Update 1 November 10, 2020
[Android 7 & 8] Lock Screen Issues - Statement and Q&A

We have received multiple notifications in the past weeks about an error that is occurring in the Android version of Prey’s application. In the past two weeks, we have been working on multiple efforts and updates to reso…

2 November 5, 2020
[Android 7 & 8] Error de Bloqueo de Pantalla - Comunicado y Preguntas & Respuestas

Hemos recibido algunas notificaciones en las últimas dos semanas de un error que está ocurriendo en la versión de Android de la aplicación Prey. En las últimas dos semanas hemos trabajado en múltiples esfuerzos para reso…

2 November 5, 2020
How can I get dates for a report of changed pieces in my MAC? 4 November 19, 2020
Android Management? 1 October 23, 2020
Not found on 1 October 23, 2020
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Device Won't Delete From My Account 1 October 8, 2020
Turn off Vibrate 1 October 8, 2020
Download prey’s certificate
1 October 4, 2020
Why was my Android phone blocked for no reason? 4 October 20, 2020
I update to the new version and doesn´t works my password to unlock the screen 13 November 11, 2020
Overlap app screens accessibility 5 October 2, 2020
Broken Power-Off Prevention Feature (ver. 2.2.5) 3 September 29, 2020
What happens if you accidentally change the email address of your prey account to one you don't own? Redo 1 September 20, 2020