Bad instructions/ No way to update certificate for Prey

In this site:[Prey]%20Your%20Apple%20certificate%20will%20expire%20in%201%20days&utm_medium=email&utm_source=notifications

These instructions:


Great! You got our certificate! Now it’s time for Apple to approve it. Sign into the [Apple Push Certificate site] with your Apple ID.

Completely fail. When you click the button to upload the certificate (after logging into apple’s site), you get an error that the file is not recognized.

To make it work, I had to go into Apple’s site, click “Create Certificate” first, and then upload into the certificate.

I am not sure why you are giving the file the “.plist” extension. This is not a property list, it’s a somewhat malformed certificate format. Double clicking the file to view it of course causes another error message when xcode tries to read it.

Second problem: These instructions are also wrong:


Instructions for macOS devices


Enter the macOS device in your device list, click on ‘Link Device’, download the linking file and execute it to install the certificate. Once installed, the device will change to the ‘device linked’ state and the Factory Reset and Apple lock tools will appear.

There is No “link device” button or text anywhere in the device’s properties

Clicking on “renew certificate” In the device settings sends me back to groundhog day where I go to the page asking me to upload the certificate.

I suppose the whole system is moot for Apple where the “find my” subsystem works just fine. But I’d like to keep one more level of safety if possible.

Certificate expired, can’t create a new one