Black screen after installing Saaspass on my MacBook Air (with Prey)

Thinking Saaspass was a companion application for my Saaspass password manager on the iPhone, I installed Saaspass on my MacBook Air. Which has Prey also running on it.

Running OSX 10.12.6

I downloaded the .pkg file and double clikced it to install.

After the install it asked my to restart my Mac.

After the restart I clicked on my User icon and filled in my password.

Now the strangest thing happens: I get a completely black screen, with a rolling small white icon in the middle every 30 seconds or so.

Nothing I can do. I tried starting up in safe mode, I contcted the guys at Saaspass, and they are looking into it.

For now I can’t use my computer.

Is there someone here that know of any issues with these two? Complications? Or similar experiences?

Where do I start to look for a solution?