Bug found? Shield OFF Button Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus

Hello there,
well I think I found a bug with the android application of Prey
When I activate the power button (Shield OFF Button) , looks like it doesn’t work
I tried with my zenfone 3 max and a motorola moto 3 and works great but on my Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus (android 7.1.2, MIUI Global it doesnt work, im able to turn off my phone easily without prey asking me the pin.

EDIT: it works when the phone is unlocked but when it’s locked I can use the Off Button anytime

I have the same problem! It doesn’t work on my device either. It’s a HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro …

Hi, which version of android are you using? :slight_smile: Could you please go to Settings of Prey on the device and check if the option “Run in background” is active, Please let me know how it goes. have a nice day :sunny:

It’s running on Android 8.0.0 and EMUI 8.0.0
And “Run in Background” is active.

Have a nice day too! :slight_smile:
All the best!

so what should I do ? :sweat_smile:
I mean, it IS running on background on my phone too but apparently I had no idea i had to specify that

well I guess there is no solution about this after 6 months btw

Hi there,

We’re aware of the problem. We’ll take a look at it when we can.

is there a way to delete the account as im no longer using the app neither the phone it doesnt work on?