Can't create a new account

Let us help you. Please tell us about…

  • Affected device Mac Laptop
  • Operating system Mac OS
  • Part of Prey not working Prey account sign-up

Could you please describe the problem?

The “Signup” button does not work. When I click it, nothing happens. I tried in Safari and in Chrome.

And finally, please attach a screenshot if available (you can drag and drop images)

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In Chrome, the Developer Tools screen shows a javascript error:

Same here, tried on a few browsers on different machines thinking it was Chrome but looks like does not point to anywhere?

Seems to be working now.

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sorry for necroing this thread but can’t create a prey account at all. 3 different devices (laptop, android phone and desktop pc), register button leads to nothing: tried chrome, edge, firefox, opera, tor as browsers on the laptop and desktop and usually goes like this:
i put my details
hit the captcha (confirms straight away, sometimes i have pictures to click)
hit sign up, nothing happens
hit sign up again, i get captcha error

same happens on the phone app, hit register and nothing happens.

i guess i’ll look for another app for this purpose.

I had same problem about sign up button. It showed same sitution with whoolkan. It’s still not working, who can help ?

Having the same issue. Does not appear to work through the app or any browser on any device. Any word on when it will be working again?

I use all the devices and I can’t create new account. When I click over SIGN UP, anything happen. Is it a problem of website or iOS app?

I’m having the same issues - I’m assuming it’s a server end issue. But no luck for the past 18 hours or so…

After many attempts - finally successful (after about 24 hours)!

You may want to try again now…

OK, I’ve done! Thank you!