Can't get past t and c's

HI I’m on a Mac book pro 2016 but this issue is on my mobile (iPhone X) too…

I have not logged on to my free account for some years but when my laptop was stolen last week I tried to activate prey. When I log in it is successful and takes me to an agreement page with the ts and cs on, there are two boxes, one that asks if Iam 16 or older of which I am am so check it, and the other if I agree to the new ts and cs. When I check this second box the rest of the page disappears apart from that line, including the accept button. I can’t move on from here nothing loads and im forced to log out !! Please help anyone. This is obviously a coding error but I have no way of contacting prey to ask for help.

Kind regards

I am having the same issue, on Safari Mac and iOS. Chrome on Mac worked, and I was able to log in.

thanks I will download Crome

Hi! Is this still happening? :slight_smile: Please let me know, I will be glad to help