Can't login to Prey

I login with the correct password (can login using the iOS app which doesn’t need 2 factor authentication).

When typing in the 6 digit security code that authenticator gives me, the website rejects the login saying ‘invalid security code’.

I don’t have access to the original email for with the recovery code.

How do I access my account?

@Daniela can you help me here? What can I do to prove I am who i am? I don’t have the backup recovery code email - can’t this be resent?

Do I have to go down the GDPR route and ask you to remove all of my personal information from your records and setup a new account once this has been done?

Hi @BigGMK, I have already sent you a direct message :slight_smile: Please check!

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Hi Daniela, I have a similar issue… .Can’t login even though I swear I’m getting the password right! When I ask to retrieve password, your reset email never arrives…

Please help!

Ive had this same issue just now!

Hi @MelissaGodar, I have already sent you a DM :slight_smile:

i have the same issue - lost my recovery code and phone had to be reset so lost 2fa generator - can you please help

I have the same issue and because reset is impossible it seems please delete my account according to GDPR and remove my personal data and devices