Changed 13" 2012 MBP's macOS Mojave v10.14.6's computer name isn't updated in my Prey account


According to web page’s settings, I have “Reflect computer name changes Rename computers on the panel when their name is modified locally (Prey 1.8.2 and above).” option checked. However, 13" 2012 MBP’s macOS Mojave v10.14.6’s new computer name isn’t updated in my Prey account since last night. Its installed Prey v1.9.8 does work (can send message, find its location, etc.). Why is the computer name not updating? I updated it in macOS’ Sharing settings. I assume that is where Prey is reading it from. I am using the free account (up to three devices – 2 MBPs & 1 iPhone).

Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon before I manually rename it if no answers soon. :slight_smile:

Now, it updates. I noticed Prey was at v1.9.9. Maybe v1.9.9 fixed it?