Device not reached Huawei P20 Pro

Location is turned on, prey obviously installed. Device adminstration is granted. The phone is added to preys list.
When I open the app on the phone it is detected but will not detect afterwards, is there any other setting I’m missing?
Thanks in advance.

Edit. It just started working for some reason :smile:

I have a similar issue with my Huawei mate pro 10. Prey was installed and working but then I deleted the phone in order to reinstall the application. Now I cannot add my own phone in spite of having installed the application again. The app works as I see my old phone and my son’s. But H 10 pro isn’t there. I am probably missing a step…

Must be a Huawei software issue, my other devices are being detected, now the p20 pro hasn’t been detected again in the last five days

Hi guys,

Yes, this is a Huawei issue. Their custom Android includes a power-saving option that will automatically close all apps in the background, and won’t allow them to run if the screen is off. You need to enable Prey to always run, and then things will start working again.

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