Different suggestions for login, passwords, billing, and tags

Dear Support,

I have different suggestions for your service that I hope you will take into consideration. Here goes:

  1. When logging in, I can see that I am able to add two step verification to my account. Actually, I think I did already do that previously, but for some reason, it was not accepted - I think. My 2FA app tells me that I have an entry for Prey Project, but it is not enabled on my account. Whether the fault is by me or you, I do not know. I just think there might have been some issues with 2FA previously. Perhaps you have already addressed those.

  2. Changing my password on my account profile is a little tedious. First, I have to type in a new password (of maximum 32 characters, but luckily with a wide variety of characters accepted), and then, I have to type in my old password. I wish that it was reversed, possibly with an extra password field above containing my old password. Right now, it does not work so well if I use a password manager. I hope you know what I mean.

  3. In Settings, under Billing, if I wish to cancel my subscription, I have to select up to three devices that I wish to keep when my subscription expires. Below, a text states “IMPORTANT: This will revert your account to the free plan. No refunds will be applied.” I am not entirely sure what this means? Does it mean that my subscription will immediately expire and that I will (NOT) get a refund of the remaining days that I have paid for? Your terms of service does not specify this, and I must say that these terms are very short. Are you sure that they cover all there is? I do not wish to cancel my subscription immediately if I lose all access to my premium features.

  4. I wish to tag this post as requested, but I can find no tags containing either “billing” or “subscription”. Can you change it for me? And, perhaps, add an entry of either of those. I would like to add new tags myself in the future, if possible.

  5. Over the years, I have accumulated all sorts of codes, passwords and PINs for Prey. It started out with a “four-digit code”, as I can see in my password manager, and later, I guess, I set up passwords for unlocking my devices, but also, so-called Prey PINs, security PINs, and last, but not least, a two-step verification recovery code was created. I mean, this might be a little too much in my opinion? Some of these PINs I cannot even recall what was for, and I cannot remember seeing any change logs either… Perhaps, I did not look into it too closely. I do not wish to delete any of these PINs etc., because I do not know if I might need them in the future. But, really, it seems kind of messy to me… Are these changes by any means reflected in your change logs or in any forum posts? I really wish to know if I need all those entries!

Best regards,