iOS 14.4 - I get push notification but cannot link to certificate

This issue is affecting my iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 14.4 (non-beta) and on the latest version of Prey from the App Store (2.1.6). My phone is enrolled, and I am logged into the app. When I open the app, I see “Current Status PROTECTED”.

Now, for the more advanced features I have to “Link to Certificate” in my Prey account to install the phone profile. When I click this link, I do see the push notification on my phone. When I touch the notification, it opens the Prey app to the regular login screen, and there is no further action on the certificate installation. I have tried logging in and also opening Settings - there are no other options on the screen. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the app. However no matter what I do, touching the push notification brings me to the Prey app login screen with no way to actually allow or install the profile.

Image 2-10-21 at 12.33 AM