Is it possible to dual boot but have both instances show up as the same laptop?

I thought I would ask before attempting this and risk ending up being disappointed:
Is it possible to install Prey on both Linux and Windows on the same laptop and have both instances be the same device as far as Prey is concerned, because it is the same device?
Obviously, it would be impossible for both to be active at the same time. The reason I want to do this is, is because I may spend several days using one OS and not the other, so Prey may think that the device has been offline for several days when it hasn’t, otherwise.

Hi Eggbean!

This is sort of a situation of let’s see what happens!
I suggest you install Prey on both instances, and check your panel once you do to see if two devices are created, or the client recognized them as the same. There’s a chance it will work automatically, but if it doesn’t we may be able to help you.

Let me know how that goes!