MAC Address of a device I had Prey on once?

Hello all,

I have an interesting issue.
My MacBook got stollen about a month ago. Today the police requested that I supply the WiFi Adapter’s MAC address. After spending almost the entire day contacting various places that might have had it (My Apple reseller, where I bought the computer in 2012, my ISP, and others) it turned out it is nowhere to be retrieved from.

I was hoping that Prey has that kind of information stored. It seems logical, yet I can’t find it on the dash board, and further more my situation is implicated by the fact that I can only see my iPhone, and my Mac has disappeared from my devices list at some point :frowning:
I was hoping there is a contact option to connect with Prey’s support, but I just found out that is a paying-customer-only option.

I will be very grateful for any suggestion you might have, that might help me.


Wow, wtf. I’m presuming they are looking for some proof that it is is yours and in a similar situation I’d be up the creek without a MAC address for any of my devices. I guess I’d try working with the police for alternate proofs of ownership. Receipt or charge statement showing purchase from Apple store, any info apple can provide you on the device you purchased (I would think warranty registration would have to have the serial number or some unique identifier.) Or even some content the might be still hanging around on it that might indicate that it is likely yours. Good Luck in getting things resolved

Hi @AlexGrantcharov, please send us an email to I will be glad to help you. Have a nice day

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Hey @jth, I have all the necessary proof of ownership :slight_smile: I have the invoice and a few Apple service provider’s protocols over the years (change of lid, battery, keyboard, etc.).

The MAC addresses are necessary because they are used in low level negotiation within the TCP/IP network protocol, and could potentially be set as a filtering argument in an Internet Service Provider so that a certain device is found on the network. It is just one more tool for the police to look for the stolen computer online.

Thanks @Daniela. I sent an e-mail just now.

Thanks @AlexGrantcharov, you taught me something today, I appreciate it. Note to self (and share with friends) record the MAC addresses relating to all your toys… Hope you find it.