Macbook Pro with Apple M1 chip linked in Prey cannot connect to servers

Have several devices on Prey for many years. Just bought new Macbook Pro with Apple M1 chip, entered it in my Prey account and linked the certificate. Device cannot be detected by Prey servers. Any suggestions?

I am probably going to get a Macbook soon, and was wondering if you ever got Prey to work with yours.

Yes I got it to work and although I know it was not difficult I can’t recall exactly what I did to get it to work, I’m a senior and it has been 6 months. :wink:
I think probably I just deleted and reinstalled the device.
Good luck.

I’ve often wondered if Prey is really necessary with Apple products as their “FIND MY” feature works pretty well. Fortunately I’ve never had to try to locate a lost item and with a bit of luck never will.