Prey 1.10 installation on OSX 12.6 - agent not checking into the portal

Hello. I’m new to Prey. I’m in the process of loading this on some loaner equipment I have. I have been successful on some Dell laptops and a 2015 Macbook.
My 2020 Macbook seems to run through the installer without an issue but it never checks into my portal. I don’t get any error messages that I can see. I tried to comb through the community forms but I wasn’t able to find anything that helped me.
Can anyone advise me on how to look at errors/logs or provide any troubleshooting steps to get this Macbook to check in with my portal? Thank you in advance!

There was a step that was not completing after the installation. The default browser was supposed to open to a config page. Since that was not happening then it was not connecting. I tried installing prey twice on the machine. This site helped: