Prey Ant-Theft hidden user on my MacBook Pro

I see a USER named Prey Anti-Theft when I use the get info command on any file and click the + sign lower left corner of the get info window my MacBook Pro 2015 laptop. I found the terminal sudo command to remove Prey and it reported a successful removal but this Prey Ant-Theft user remains. Not visible in Users & Groups in System Preferences. How do I remove this USER?

Corrected this myself. For those of you who may see this Prey Anti-Theft User in Get Info window as I described in previous message. Solution is…Restart Mac in Recovery Mode (Hold down Command and R Key as soon as the startup chime is heard. When the Recovery Mode window appears choose the Re-install Mac OSX. Continue and let the re-install run. I shutdown and unplugged all attached devices before pressing the power button to restart the computer.