Prey capturing Webcam even though DoNot Take Picture is Checked

this is a win 10 64 bit laptop

the check boxes for capturing webcam is not working, even if i select the check box for Do Not take picture, it still capturing webcam pictures

this is the same case for my other test boxes

Can you please let me know where this checkbox for capturing webcam photos is? I also have a similar requirement. If you can let me know the path to access this checkbox, I can verify if your issue is happening with me also.

this is the check box u get when u mark a device as missingimage

Thanks. I found it. My bad.

I upgraded to 1.9.5 now. However, now if I don’t check the box “Do not take picture”, the webcam pictures are not coming up any more. What could be the reason? Camera is working fine as I can do Zoom or Messenger video calls. Please help.