Prey does not work as expected

Sorry for the generic title.

When i activate an action (send messagge, play sound, … ) or try to retrieve the files or set the device as missing, the only thing that happens on the device is the appearance of a notification and the action remains pending for hours and no report is sent.

The device is a Apple iPhone SE 2gen with iOS 15.2 (and 15.3) and is protected by the app.
Version app 2.1.9

I double checked:

  • I have correctly followed the instructions to install Prey’s certificate (which however is not verified) and connected the apple push notification service;
  • Prey is running in the background;
  • Prey has all permissions granted;
  • Low power mode is disabled;
  • the device is connected to the internet.

Why doesn’t it work? What else can I check?

I will add that even unlocking the screen with touch id, no action is performed. You need to tap on the notification sent by Prey to have the actions performed.