Prey has Billed for the entire year when choosing Monthly Subscription. Cancelled Auto-Billing and ended up losing Pro Privileges?!

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So I signed up for Pray on the 24th of October as I needed to protect my computers for vacation, Decide that I want to try the monthly service. I sign up for Prey and go on Vacation on 25th. Come back to see that Prey has charged my Credit Card for a Year worth of service. I immediately turn of Automatic billing and I lose all privileges including direct access to support. My account is now a account with limited reports per device, and without a way to contact support to help regarding this issue.
I even have the invoice saved to my computer to prove that I have paid the full amount.

Any suggestion on what to do?

Hi there,

I’m sorry for that. I just refunded your payment, so please feel free to subscribe again. The credit note should be in your inbox by now.

Please let us know if you have any question. Have a nice day.