Prey has locked my clone of my stolen MBP, what to do?

my MBP was stolen, and I have locked it through prey. However, in order to get the serial nrs of all equipment that was stolen (for police and insurance), I used a different computer and since it didn’t have all the necessary software, I booted up from a clone backup I have from my MBP through a borrowed laptop. The clone was done via carbon copy cloner. Booting up from a clone is always slow, but suddenly, my clone seemed to be locked, and I think seeing the prey icon on the locked screen. I tried to put in my unlock code. But I couldn’t seem to type. (I mean, I was typing and no letters or dots were appearing on the screen). Now I have two questions:

A) can I still hook up the clone to the borrowed computer (just reading the data, not booting up from it anymore), without risking the data

B) how to unlock it, and make sure it doesn’t get confused with my stolen MBP (which should remain locked).