Problem with account, can't contact Prey, please help!


I am having a problem with my Prey account similar to that which which another user posted about recently (hope it’s okay to link to the thread Ridiculous situation, never encountered something like this) I decided Prey was not going to be useful to me so deleted my account assuming that I’d either continue to be able to use Prey until my subscription ran out or, as I was hoping, I’d be reimbursed for the remaining months. Unfortunately nothing happened, I receive no contact from Prey and I’d really like to be able to get my money back if possible as I’ve paid for a service I’m not getting! I can’t find any way to get in touch which is worrying so I’m hoping I may be able to get some help here.

I am also confused as I have found a couple of mentions on the site of parts of Prey being free which I never saw when I paid and signed up, so that’s dissapointing as I now feel I’ve wasted money. Any help much appreciate please.

Hi there,

Once you cancel your subscription, you’re back on the free plan. You can’t be Pro and not have an active subscription. We always notify upcoming renewals, though, so they shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re worried about the charge.

For now I can either re-enable your subscription, or refund your payment. Please let me know what option would be best for you.

Hi Fabian, I’d like to be refunded please, thank you

I just refunded the payment. It could take a few days depending on your bank. The credit note should be in your inbox by now.

Happy holidays!