Ridiculous situation, never encountered something like this

So I bought a year’s subscription to have my devices protected as I was going to be doing several trips over the next year. I bought the subscription in August, for a full year’s of personal worth, and then canceled it the next month so I wouldn’t forget by next year.

Okay, it worked fine, and never had any issues, but now as I log back in to add another device I see that my account has reverted back to a free user! After paying the full yearly amount!

And now there are no ways to contact the site because there is no contact e-mail anywhere (how is this even possible?). That’s reserved for the “paid” users.

I have to use the community forums, and I guess facebook messenger or something. Right before starting my trip which is one of the only time’s I’ll even use Prey and the reason why I got it in the first place. Awesome.

And by the looks of how dead this forum seems and the outdated FB page, yeah… I really think someone will get back to me in a timely manner. But I guess it’s cool that as soon as you type something, there is a suggestion for a related issue instead. SMH.

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. I’d be glad to assist you on this.

Prey is a recurring subscription, and once you cancel it, your account reverts back to the free plan. This is exactly what happened in your case. But fear not, we can easily fix this and the solution depends on what would be better for you. We can either re-enable your account and set it to automatically expire in a year, or I can refund your unused time. Just let me know and I’ll get to it.

Have a nice day.


I see. Okay, I would like to have the refund of the amount minus the one month that I used. I will just got on a month by month basis then when I will be traveling.

Or actually, you can add it for this month as well, since I had planned on using it. So 2 months in total, for a refund of 44$ then. Do you want me to pm you my details (or not sure if I can pm here, in which case my e-mail that I registered with is the same one as my forum name here).

Still, I think this is a pretty big issue that should be fixed. I don’t know of any subscription service that cancels itself before the time period is up once you pay for it.

Hi there,

Sorry for taking so long to answer. I just set you on the Personal plan of Prey for $5/mo starting today. I deducted the first payment from your credit not, and proceeded to refund the remaining $49. If at any point you don’t need the service anymore, just cancel the subscription but keep in mind that your account will become free as soon as you do.

All receipts were sent to your email inbox.

Have a nice day!