Trying to run Prey on Fedora 36, getting stuck on gui 'Saving...' button

Hi, I’m trying to run prey project on a device running Linux (Fedora 36), I’ve managed to get the GUI to run by doing the following steps:

  1. Rather than use the prey website, download the latest release from . I’m trying 1.10.10.
  2. Download/unzip prey, you may want to do this into a specific ‘applications’ folder.
  3. Install dependencies (inspired by How I installed Prey on Fedora 26 without NPM with some extra ones) - sudo dnf install xawtv scrot mpg123 dmidecode unzip redhat-lsb-core
  4. Adjust permissions to avoid Error: spawn EACCES errors: chmod -R a+rwx bin/
  5. Run Prey config gui: sudo ./bin/prey config gui.

The issue is when trying to login to prey with an existing account, it just hangs on ‘saving…’ and doesn’t do anything. I don’t see anything in the config to reflect that the api key or anything has been set either. any ideas?

just saw your post and tried to uprgrade my prey client from 1.8.2 to 1.10.10
with 1.10.10 location is completely off . alarm & notifications works (kind of)
with original 1.8.2 location is spot on, alarm & notifications doesn’t work at all
don’t waste your time (like i did) on Prey under Fedora, it is completely useless