Unable to access account - Requires 6 Digit Security code that we no longer have access to

Hi - I have the same issue with not knowing my 6 digit code and not being able to access my account.

I can longer log in to Prey, too. I switched mobile phones recently and the Autheticator app no longer has Prey in it. I do not know how to add Prey to the Authenticator app and I cannot log in to Prey because I cannpt provide it with the 6 digit code.

i have the same problem

Hi @c0nan, @Doug_Aanes and @Clediomir, I have alrady answered you by a Direct Message! I nees personal information, please check! :smiley:

I was never given any Two step verification code. I joined prey during its early stages and never needed anything other than a username and my password. At some point, someone decided that the 2FA system should be enabled by default, messed up preexisting accounts and now I am still locked out of my account.

I can’t use facebook to bypass it, I can’t make a new account as my email is still used, I dont have any 6 digit code and I can’t access anything other than this forum. I’ve even changed my phone for a new one, and I cant add the new one to my account!

I have the same issue as above. I have had this account for a really long time and do not have a 6 digit code. I got a new phone as my old phone crashed. Can someone help?

Same issue as above. Any help? My phone remotely wiped :frowning:

Hi @phil2key and @Adam19, please check the DM inbox :slight_smile: I have already sent you a message!

Same issue. My account is old (2010) and i never had a 6 digit code so i can connect on my iPhone but not with my Mac. Tried to reset my password but this damned 6D code is asked. The snake will bite his tail…
Please Heeeeeelp.

Hi! The 2 step verification is not automatic! I have already sent you a DM to help you with this! :slight_smile:

Hello! I am also having a problem with this - my phone needed replacing and I cannot access authenticator and the recovery code does not work now!

Hi! please check your DM :wink:

Can someone help me with this as well. I don’t have any six digit code or have enabled 2 factor auth.

I need the six digit code. I didn’t know about this. I haven’t the recovery code either. Please help. Thanks

Hi, I’ve got a similar problem. Don’t know my password or six digit 2FA. I do know my email address and have the recovery code however. Tried resetting my password but can’t do that with out the 2FA code and can’t get in with the recovery code because I don’t know my password :scream:

Hi Everyone!
If you don’t have the 6 digit code of the Google Authenticator (or similar) you’ll need the recovery code that we sent to your email when you activated the “Two step authentication”
After this, go to https://panel.preyproject.com/session/new?lang=en , access with your email, and click on “Lost your mobile device?”, there, you will have to enter the recovery code. Then, the two step authentication will be disabled and you’ll be able to access only with your credentials,
Please let me know if you need further assistance, also you can write me to [email protected]

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Dear Daniela,
I do not have Pray on the Google authenticator anymore and I do not have any recovery code… What can I do to recover my account?

Hi there, same problem here. please help to re-access my account… I dont hace 6 digit number for login

Hi Guys! Please send me an email to [email protected] :slight_smile: I will be glad to help you!

I tried to recover the password, found the recovery mail, connect it with Google Auth, but while recovering it says invalid code.