Unable to install Remote Management Profile – macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

Hello! Long-time user of Prey here.

I am unable to install the Remote Management Profile (prey.mobileconfig).

In the Profiles pane in System Preferences, I get the following message when I click “install” for the Profile:

Profile installation failed.
MDM payload is missing “ServerCapabilities” key that indicates it supports a user channel.

The error code shown in Console for the process mdmclient is: -106

Configuration details:

  • Device: 2018 MacBook Pro 15"
  • OS: macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
  • Prey version: v1.9.6

Is there a known way to resolve this? I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the error message. Thanks in advance!

I’m getting the same issue on MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), same macOS/Prey versions. The only remote profile I can download via Prey (using the one automatically selected) seems to be for iOS rather than macOS - is this the problem? I’ve added a screen shot

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Same here — the only Profile that Prey is letting me download has “iOS Mobile Services” in the description.

Not sure that actually is a problem, though… I have an older MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid-2012, running Mojave) which also has Prey installed (and it’s been working fine for a long time). That machine has a Remote Management Profile downloaded from Prey (done a few months ago), and it also says “iOS Mobile Services” in the description.

I’m beginning to think the issues you and I are having are specific to Big Sur… Again, not sure, though.

Snap - will monitor this thread - hopefully someone has a solution soon…

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Have the same issue here!

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Hi all!
Thanks for making us aware of this situation. We’re sorry for the inconveniences this may cause; our tech team is hard at work at finding the solution!
Keep an eye on this thread as I’ll update as soon as I have more news!

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Hey all!

Thanks for your patience. Our superhero tech team is rolling out the fix and you should be able to enroll your devices with no problems within a couple of hours!

Have a great day!


Thank you for letting us know, Rafa!

I can confirm that I was just able to enroll.

Same here, just enrolled! Thanks for your swift support.

Thanks Rafa - all sorted for me too :slight_smile: