Unable to Log In to Account - Requires Six Digit Code that we do not have

We are unable to log in to our Prey account as it now requires a Six-Digit Security code. A past employee that was managing the panel no longer works for the company, and we do not have his six-digit 2FA code (we were unaware that he set it up either). How can we remove the code so that we can get back into the panel to manage our devices for our clients?

To update this, we were able to dig through past emails to find the Recovery Code e-mail when 2FA was initially set up, however it seems that the password has also been changed on the account and we cannot log in to the account. When we try to perform a password reset, we get the e-mail, however it still asks for the Six-Digit code when we attempt to reset the password as well. Any help would be appreciated to get back into the account.

Hello! I sent you a direct message to help you with this! :slight_smile:

Hey! I’ve got the same problem where I’d like to reset my password but I do not have access to the six digit security code. I do have my recovery code handy.

I could use some help. Thanks.

puedes ayudarme?
Tengo el mismo problema con mi cuenta.

I have the same problem!!! No any email about this update, can not enter my account anymore ((( How to get it?

Same problem here, what’s this six digit code?

If you don’t have the 6 digit code of the Google Authenticator (or similar) you’ll need the recovery code that we sent to your email when you activated the “Two step authentication” After this, go to https://panel.preyproject.com/session/new?lang=en , access with your email, and click on “Lost your mobile device?”, there, you will have to enter the recovery code. Then, the two step authentication will be disabled and you’ll be able to access only with your credentials!

I m having the same problem here and I must be missing something here because I get the email to reset and it still asks me for the 6 digit code that I don’t have. I have a recovery code thats not disabling the request for a 6 digit code. I have followed the link and enabled cookies and I don’t know why this seems to be working for others here but not me.

Link to my original request since I can’t find a newer topic and want to make sure someone sees it and can help me.

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I’ve lost Welcome mail with recovery code when activating F2A, please help me regain access to my account.
Thank you.

Hi Daniela,

I’m having a similar issue with everyone here. I do not have the 2 step authenticator, but I do have the recovery code. I’ve tried to enter in the code and password, but it seems that my password has been changed.

I can’t change my password since I can not retrieve the 6 digit code from the missing authenticator.

Would you be able to help with my problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Valentin_R and @GEO_C, please check your Direct Messages, I have already answered you :slight_smile:

Hi. I have the same problem, trying to update som APN… tried using login, codes, recovery code, passwords… nothing works. I just can not login any longer. Have tried to change passwords, nothing happens. Connect to FB, nothing happens. Get me in here now, so that I can update this apple certificate. Thank you.

Hi ! Please check your DM :slight_smile:

Hi, I forgot my password and received an email to create a new one. But this requires the “Six-digit security code”. Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore. Can you offer me a solution?
Greetings Pohl

Hi everyone,
It is a bit frustrating that, every year with the new Apple Certificate, or every time I try to change anything about laptop on Prey, I have the same problem and it seems to me that every time is different solution.
But the same problem always coming. The terrifying six digit code. Can anybody please throw me some light on how to get it?
I had it on my Google Authenticator app (from previous occasions) but now it seems to have evaporated. And neither the recovering codes I had work.
Any help please?

Hi, could you please send me an email to [email protected]? I will be glad to help you :wink: