Unable to Login


I hope that someone can help as I am locked out of my account and would either like to regain access or delete the account so I can re-register.

Unfortunatly as I have not logged into prey for quite a while I have forgotten my password, No problem I thought I received the change password email and click the link.This is where the issue is, I had to reset my phone and send for repair so no longer have the 6 diget code required to change my password. I ONLY have my recovery key but am unable to use this to reset my password.

Please can someone help as I am very keen to use prey again but this system seems a bit of a nightmare as appears I can only use my recovery key along with my forgotten password.


And finally, please attach a screenshot if available (you can drag and drop images)

Hi, James,

I can disable the 2FA for you. To do that, I’ll only need you to send me a picture or scan on any kind of ID you have with your name on it. That way I’ll confirm that it’s really you, and not some kind of attack. Would that be OK? Once I have it, I’ll disable the authentication and you’ll be able to login as always.

But please don’t attach your personal data here. Email the picture to help @ preyrproject.com instead, hopefully referring to this conversation.


Thank you I will email shortly.

Unfortunatly I have received an bounceback from help@preyrproject.com is there another email or contact method?

Hi @James123sorry for the delay, the email is help@preyproject.com, before there was a typo.
Sorry for the delay. Please let me know if you need anything else. Have a nice day.

Hi. I need help logging into my account. Carefully checked my details and tried to login with my normal login credentials but I am getting an ‘invalid login details message’ on my iPhone, mobile browser chrome AND desktop chrome browser. I have changed my password several times and it still wont let me login.
I emailed this to help@preyproject.com and it was blocked and flagged for spam.

Thanks Mr B.