User blocking reports on Android device

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  • Affected device Phone: Samsung Galaxy Mini S4
  • Operating system Android 4.4.2
  • Part of Prey not working Reports being blocked by user

Could you please describe the problem?

Due to depressingly good hacking skills on the part of my child (Qustodio & MM Guardian!), I’m using Prey as a parental control device.

When I mark the device as missing, Prey tries to take a report every 10 minutes. If the device is not being used, the reports work fine.

However, if the kid is actively using the device, they see the report trying to be generated; whatever game is being played temporarily freezes/glitches. The kid then clicks on recent apps, sees Prey there (with the screen of whatever game was on), and swipes to close it. I don’t get the report.

Is there some other setting I can play with? It is already set to “toggle camouflage”.


And finally, please attach a screenshot if available (you can drag and drop images)