What happens if you accidentally change the email address of your prey account to one you don't own? Redo

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  • Affected device Laptop
  • Operating systemMac
  • Part of Prey not workingPrey Account

Could you please describe the problem?

I don’t use prey, but installed it a long time ago on an old laptop. I logged into the old account and updated the password yesterday. As a test, I changed the associated email address, and then thought I switched back to the original address before logging out. However, when I went to go log back in, I couldn’t - with either email address. The “forgot password” command failed to send me a reset link at either address. As a test, I was able to create brand new prey accounts with the email addresses I used. So, I started to freak out, thinking I may have accidentally set my prey account to use an email address I don’t control. And then, however unlikely, I am concerned about some random person receiving an email telling him that his email address is now aasossociated with my prey account and that he can just log in without the password, by just using the “forgot password” reset. Is this possible??? If so, what a horrible security flaw!!! I am now completely locked out of that old prey account that still has my old device assigned to it. Could the person that received the email then use the old device to spy on me?

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