Can not "forget password" and signup

Hi, panel .prey project. com seems to be experiencing problem.

I tried login, but always failed.
Fair enough, I probably forgot the password, since I’ve been registered since 2010

Got the password recovery email,
clicked the link,
and forwarded to login screen straight away

Tried several times - with same result.

So I tried creating new account / signup instead.

Got the activation email,
clicked on the link,
and forwarded again to login screen with error message :

“Oops, there was an error in the validation. This email is not linked to an account, or the validation link has expired.”

My original account is under [email protected] mail. com
and I just tried creating new account under [email protected] fehmi. com


Hi @sufehmi, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience,
Could you please send me an email to [email protected]. I will help you to solve this, but I need more information about your account.
Have a nice day.