Edit notification settings


I noticed that the notification settings on prey can only be enabled for devices that have been missing for one day.

I have a laptop that uses prey and quite often it will be turned on for a day then turned off for one then turned on and then turned off. In theory i could get 180 notifications per year that the device is turned off and could be missing.

there needs to be a way to customise these messages so that i can say “notify me when device has been offline for XX days” then i can choose either 14 days, 7 days or if i really want it, 1 day.


Hi Dean!

Thanks for your feedback. Our Product team has already received your message and we have already add it to our backlog for further analysis. I cannot tell you with certainty the exact time frame in which it will be developed. However, we do take feedback very seriously and we prioritize improvements in our user experience.

Thank you!