Lock device + message on screen

It’ll be useful if we could send a custom message along with locking the remote laptop simultaneously.

Hi there. It was considered a while ago, but then we decided that Lock should be as stealthy as possible. That’s why it doesn’t have any branding (as it used to have), and it’s only a black screen instead. We don’t want people to know that you’re using Prey on the machine.

How do you imagine this functionality to be?

hmm. Stealth is great until there’s nothing out of the ordinary. I think if any such popup is showing up, a reasonably educated person would understand that it’s from a 3rd party service and not native windows. And if that person is a thief, he’ll assume it’s from some tracking service (or some virus).

I feel you could offer it as an option to users. They don’t have to insert a message with the lock. But I’d like to put a message like “This computer is locked. Kindly return it to so-and-so address or email at so-and-so address”.

That could be a good idea. Way better than the old lock screen, surely.

We’ll give this a thought :wink:

This is exactly what I am looking for out of a remote lock service.