New to Prey, would like to see some new features added

We’re looking at purchasing Prey for our company, and I’m setting up thousands of computers. The GUI is lacking on a few things that would make my life easier:

Being able to add labels without overriding what’s already there - I wanted to add a label to all machines of a certain type but adding a new label deselected all the previous labels unless I selected those as well. However, the machines had different labels so I could not just blanket them all with selecting the previous labels. I had to do scroll through them one by one which is a pain.

Having modifiers like “NOT” in the filter field. I’d like to see what DOESN’T have a label at a glance instead of scrolling through them one by one.

If I click on Control Zones, why can I not see the machines in my control zone on the map based on last location?

Or at the very least, why can’t I click the “selected devices” on the left and see where it’s at?

If I click on a computer, and it shows me a last known location - it would be extremely helpful if I could build a control zone from that location, or at the very least, allow me to cut and paste the text from the window. Right now, I have to get the address it shows me, type it into a notepad or whatever,

Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I have already shared it with the rest of the Product team to be added to our backlog. This will definitely help us improve the experience.