Accurate location reporting when VPN connection is active?

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  • System Description
    Windows 10 laptop

  • Windows Version
    |Edition|Windows 10 Home|
    |Installed on|‎9/‎5/‎2021|
    |OS build|19042.1165|
    |Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0|

  • Part of Prey not working (Prey account, mobile app, a specific action or module, reports): ???
    Location reporting

Could you please describe the problem?

Location reporting when a VPN connection is active works - but the location is not the true location fof the device. This is of course expected behavior with a device that lacks an internal GPS receiver.

The problem is that if the laptop is declared lost and the VPN connection is active, location reporting will be incorrect, i.e. location will be the VPN exit point rather than the true location.

Potential solution:

  1. Monitor active network connection pre-VPN-tunnel (using OS hooks??) to potentially geo-locate ahead of the VPN connection rather than at the VPN exit point.
  2. Provide users ability to monitor and control VPN state - and disconnect VPN in favor of another network connection. Has this been considered?

I imagine you have probably considered all of these. For those of us who are security/privacy focused and who want/need to use VPN, this is an issue worth solving.

And finally, please attach a screenshot if available (you can drag and drop images)