After update to 1.11.x location is 1 mile off, on 3 different computers

Desktop, and 2 laptops
win10 22h2
location is very wrong
I updated prey, on devices from 1.9.x to 1.11.6 x64. i had found that 2 of the devices had stopped communicating with prey quite a while ago. after updating to 1.11, it showed a location on all 3 devices 1 mile west of where the devices actually are.

Prey has never been super accurate for device location, giving a location address that doesn’t exist, about 60 yards north of me. but a mile west is ridiculous.

There seems to be an issue with prey 1.11.x

checking location for one of same devises mentioned previously: location is over 1 mile off, with accuracy of 5000 meters. haven’t looked at other device.

no responses, here, or from prey techs.
any suggestions about other app options?