there are some apps that programmatically turn on GPS (without extra dialog, that the user has to answer). It works after granting special rights with ADB (adb shell pm grant … android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS).

Most popular is maybe tasker and automate.

Why is prey not doing this ?

Hi there,

We haven’t prioritized rooted devices because few people have done this on their units. We know that we could do powerful things in those cases, and we probably will release something in the future. Not at the moment, though.

Thanks for letting us know about this.

i agree - about rooting. But this isn’t rooting. This works without root! all you need to do is enabling this with a ADB command via USB cable. a lot of applications do this. some even provide a desktop-program for that - so the unexperienced user can do this as well. for example: helium backup, airdroid, …

Is this still in consideration? I’m not a fan of leaving my GPS on all the time, but I’d love for Prey to be able to enable it should I need it.