Apple Push Certificate Site doesn't allow logins

Hi there,

I’m trying to follow the directions here to activate the new macOS security features, but it doesn’t work.

On step #2 of Prey’s instructions, it takes me to Apple’s Push Certificate site. But Apple’s Push Certificate site will NOT advance me past the login screen — I am typing in my proper Apple ID & password, but as soon as I log in, the Apple site just takes me right back to the login screen again.

The Apple Push Certificate Site is stuck in an endless loop.

I am able to login to other parts of Apple’s site ( with the EXACT SAME Apple ID & password.

But trying to login to the Apple Push Certificate Site never works. I’ve tried this with all web browsers, cleared cache, etc. etc.

Here’s the difference:

  • On Apple’s NORMAL Apple ID login page (see link above), after I type in my username & password, Apple prompts me for 2 security questions to let me in.
  • On Apple’s Push Certificate Site (the link that Prey Project gives us), after I type in my username & password, Apple DOESN’T prompt me for any security questions. It just loops back to the login screen again.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?


I know this is old, but my problem is nearly identical. I get the plist file from Prey but when I next click the link to goto the APN site, Safari reports that it can’t connect because it can’t establish a secure connection to Apples’s APN site. I’m running Catalina on a Mac Mini.