Billing / subscription

I see a few others have this same issue- so something Prey needs to fix…
I did a monthly recurring subscription at $5 per month. Was good till 26 January 2020.
I cancelled the recurring subscription, and now don’t have any plan or way to contact Prey by email as all my already paid features have been removed immediately.

  1. At least I should have access/features until the 26th of January.
  2. If not, I should be given an option for refund for unused subscription time.
    ** both of these options eliminates the need for customers to come to the forum to ask, and Prey to have to respond/refund.
    ** I’d choose the option 1 above if given the choice at the time. But now I prefer option 2 to close the issue.

Great service, wish it was a bit cheaper overall…

Thank you,

Hi, David,

I just refunded your payment.

Have a nice day.