Broken Power-Off Prevention Feature (ver. 2.2.5)

On the latest Android version (version 2.2.5), the power-off prevention feature does not work properly. The keyboard no longer shows the numeric keypad and when entering either your PIN or your account password, the program does not accept it or it says it it incorrect. Right now (Sept. 28, 2020), there are three negative reviews pointing out this. I wonder if anyone else has this issue. If so, hopefully a fix for this will be released ASAP (if we need to start using the account password rather than the pin, that is fine).

I have the same problem. I downloaded the new update and doesn’t works my pin to unlock the screen.

Same problem here. Whenever I try to power-off the phone it gets locked and I can’t unlock it until I go to Prey’s control panel, lock the phone from there, and then use the password created at this point to unlock it again. After this, pressing the power button doesn’t do anything until I turn off the power-off prevention feature in Prey.