Bypassing laptop lock on Win10 [bug]

Hey, it seems I’ve found a bug, that allows to shut down Prey lockscreen proccess while laptop is already locked. Who I can contact with to tell about this security issue?

Hi @feofan, I just sent you a direct message :slight_smile:

Hi again, year has passed and bug is still here. I understand I’m using a freemium service, but isn’t that bug is critical for all of your clients? Should I publish it here?

So sorry @feofan, we’re been dealing with new projects and I honestly forgot about this, I’m adding this issue to our high priority backlog to fix it as soon as possible.


Hello, I also found a lock screen bypass bug on windows 10 which when used reports back to prey as a successful unlock. I just wanted to confirm that it wasn’t the same as the one noted here.