Cannot remove/delete Prey from Win10 Laptop to reinstall

Hi I hope someone can help, as I don’t have much hair left with this ‘problem’

I originally had an account in which I had my Mobile and Laptop covered, however for some reason I could not activate the ‘Location’ feature on my Mobile while the Prey program in my Laptop would not run…period!

So I removed my Prey Account and set it up again on my Mobile and that is now OK…

However in trying to Delete everything to do with Prey on my Laptop I found that the Uninstall program failed to run, so I tried following the ‘How to uninstall Prey’ using the Manual Method as defined in the Help section.

First ‘problem’ was that I cannot Disable the Cron Service as after rebooting the darn thing is still ‘Running’
I did however use regedit.exe and deleted all the entries in the Registry as defined by the Help section,

When then rebooting again and going back into the c:/Windows/Prey folder I cannot delete all the Folders still there and definitely cannot delete the Prey Folder as a complete entity as I am told that the Application file cannot be removed as it is in use and also the other file in the folder C:/Windows/Prey/current/bin cannot be deleted even with Administrators rights, as it is in use ‘somewhere else’

I did try changing both the files names to ‘junk’ in the hope that it would stop them running when I rebooted the Laptop but it had no effect.

When I try to Install a fresh download of the program I get an error message telling me the program is already there but I then get another error message advising me that the Install could not go ahead as the previous install cannot be removed!!!

Can anyone assist please?


I’m having the same problem…followed pretty much same process…I was able to delete the folders…but I still get the error during attempt to reinstall…it fails.

Could you guys check in your task manager if there’s an ‘Execution Service’ or ‘Node.js: Server-side Javascript’ processes running?
Also it’d be useful to check your prey-install.log and prey-uninstall.log, both files are located on C:\Users*your_user_name*\AppData\Local\Temp
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Thanks for getting back to us Javo, but I did wonder if the answer to your first request is ‘Yes’ then what do we do next?
While the thoughts on your next sentence would be:
What would you like me to look for in the logs if I have them or do with them if I find them?

I resolved my issue by overwriting the program with a new install so everything is once again ‘hunky dory’
BUT I would say that I am convinced that the Antivirus & Firewall ‘package’ that goes by the name of Zone Alarm (Check Point) was the possible cause of my problem as I have found it to be very Restrictive, Controlling and definitely NOT User Friendly.

But I guess that’s life!