Cant connect/track Prey Android Device

Hi guys, hope you can help me here! I have been using Prey for years to track my devices for years.
Since the 5th of Aug, one of my Android devices wont connect and cant be located. I dont get any red errors in the map but just its last position 2 days ago.
Its running Prey android client 1.7.6 on a Samsung Galaxy S6

Thanks and hope you can assist!


I’m having a similar issue on a Samsung Galaxy S9 running Prey 2.1.3.
I just installed this app yesterday, all permissions are granted, location is active yet the map/location doesn’t update. There is an error, “Unable to reach device”

Hi Guys,
Could you please make sure that the option “Run in background” is marked?
Please go to your settings and check,
Let me know,
Have a nice day.

I am having the same issue, with a OnePlus 7 Pro, Prey agent app 2.1.6, Android 9.
I have turned on Run in background, and I see the permanent notification of the Prey app.
I have turned off battery optimization for Prey app in the Android settings.
What else can I do?

Uninstalling and reinstalling prey on the Android device fixed the problem for me.

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