"device not seen" on Windows 8.1

Received email saying it was not seen… Also that I’d receive an email when it came back. But I’m using it to type this now, and no email from prey saying it was found again… Also looked at online record and prey is still listing it as “device not seen”.

Tried to attach txt file but apparently not permitted. Tried to do a free online conversion of txt to jpg but perhaps my ad blocker blocked that from happening… Attaching last page of txt via jpg cellphone camera shot. [update now told that file size can’t exceed 3072kb and thus need to find a storage area for the jpg…]… Here’s a copy and paste of the last page or so {update, at 22 pages?, that was too many characters). Here’s a link to the txt file. Hopefully that helps.

…Unfortunately this event comes at a time when I have several projects due…so it may be awhile before I can return to the forum. And if the link doesn’t work I’m sorry I can’t spend more time on this now.
Hopefully the problem “self-corrects” by then (as has occurred with prey in the past). Primarily posting this in case the info might help the Prey support team or someone else.

Hi @preysun,

Seems like your device is having troubles to connect to the prey servers. Is there any chance your computer might be blocking the connection because of a proxy or firewall, etc?

Kind Regards,

Hello Javo,

I do have windscribe which is a VPN (it also has a firewall activated when it is turned on). Ironically, think I turned the VPN off for several days before getting the message of prey having trouble connecting. I’ll turn it back on and see whether that helps. Or is there a page I should review re VPNs and their firewalls?