Device Won't Delete From My Account

I’m using a Windows 10 laptop.

I’ve had to get a new laptop as my previous laptop’s hard drive and screen failed.

I need to install Prey onto my new laptop, but it won’t let me delete my old laptop on my Prey account to free up a slot for the new laptop.

At the moment Prey is showing my 3 devices (phones and my old laptop), but when I click on Device, Settings, Remove Device, Yes Delete This Device it says Device has been successfully removed. However, when I refresh the page, my old laptop is still showing as active on my account and it won’t let me add my new laptop as there’s still no slots free as my old laptop is still showing there.

I’ve tried deleting my old laptop on Prey via my new laptop, my phone, my ipad all without success. I’ve tried different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Edge) and cleared cookies, again all without success.

All I want is this device removed as it no longer works so that I can use the freed up slot for my new laptop.

Is there anything else I can try to get rid of my old device on Prey once and for all?

Many thanks


I’m in a similar boat, I’ve got an old netbook PC linked to my account which I recently wiped and sold on but I can’t delete it from my Prey account.

I’ve attempted to remove it using both the web-version and the android app on my phone, both to no avail. it merely lets me click the button to remove the device, then nothing occurs.

Any advice or information would be appreciated.

I never did find a way to remove Prey from my old laptop. My current laptop still isn’t protected with Prey as the device just wouldn’t free up, which I’m not happy about. Hopefully someone will find a solution in the future for us.

I am facing the same issue too