Easy to Bypass Prey

If it is not up to date, it is useless. i keep my devices updated by going to play store and hitting update all, yet Prey did not update,

I have 2 out of 3 devices not able to contact Prey servers, One I can access, one I cannot. The one that I can said actions pending connection to Prey servers.

Unlocked device… nothing. verify wifi connection… nothing… opening prey software, now this has to do it you would think… NOPE!

Software out of date…

So to hack this spftware, just wait for an update and the person using it just lost a device. The fatal flaw of the great anti-theft software is to wait for an update and the device is yours since YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE OUT OF DATE VERSION OF PREY to send commands.

I think the internet would want to hear about this. Software rendered useless by letting it get out of date.

On the device I cannot access, I know for a fact I performed update all apps in play store once a week. last time 5 days ago and cannot contact server with full charge and wifi. It lost contact with the device.

Useless software, not a single success story on forums i can see. RUN AND KEEP MONEY FOR NEW DEVICE.


Worse than i thought. Updated… nope… logged into prey…NOPE.


Let me tell you a story.

“I think the title says it all, I would just like to post a story about how I recovered my girlfriend’s/fiancée phone(Galaxy s9) after she left it at an atm machine at a quickchek. At first we rushed back to the gas station, after she realized it was missing, to see if someone gave it to the cashier, which was not the case, then I pinged it with prey, and it was less than a mile away, right down the street from the gas station. My fiancee was more concerned about losing all of her photos more than anything else, so she b paid for the subscription to recover the photos… Unfortunately that process was so slow we didn’t get more than 2 photos off of the phone. So, anyways, I drove over there, and prey isn’t always accurate with the addresses, it was saying house 9, 12, 8, 5, but on that same road. I said screw it and went with my crutches (I’m an amputee) and knocked on one door, but alas no one answered, of course. At that point it became obvious that we needed to get the police involved. So we called the police, they met us at quickchek, and it took them maybe 5 minutes to get there, oddly enough the police station is right up the road. After we told the cops what happened, they went and got security footage from the gas station, and found out an African American driving a white car took it. I mean who does that? If I found a phone i would do everything I could to get it back to it’s owner, it at just give it to the cashier…So now I tell the police that the phone is still on and we know the location of it. Then the cops went to work. They got the phone back, my fiancee decided not to press charges, and told us we needed to go to the police station to pick up our phone. And we went there, and I told her to press charges, but the cops said it’s too late to do that now, the police told my fiancee that the guy who found it said he was going to bring it to the police station, which is total BS, if you were gonna do that you would have driven the 6 minutes to the police station, not to your house. We got lucky that they didn’t turn the phone off, or did a factory reset on the time we were looking for it… So thank you prey for the fantastic app, because without it, the chances of finding our phone would be next to 0.”

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