For Android: Why Power Button on/off can show and work when Lock is actived

I’m used smartphone Android. At the first i instal this app PREY, i try for lock screen when the power button on/off cant showing and cant working. It good project.
But, when i was upgrade System Android and always update app Pray. Power button can show and work now.
Help me why?

Hi Eriz,
I don’t fully understand your issue, could you please send me more information, hopefully a screenshot if it’s possible to :slight_smile:

Im used xiaomi phone. Before i upgrade, i used OS MIUI 8. When I control to lock display. Button power can not show. Its good project. I like it.

When i upgrade MIUI 10.
When i control to lock display, its work. But, if i put button power its show.
Please dont show on display button shutdown when lock display was actived.

HI! Unfotunately, this feature is not available for Android 9 :frowning: I’m very sorry for this inconvenience, please let me know if I can help you with anything else!