Frequently Asked Support Questions

Why doesn’t Prey locate my device?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Prey will only run on devices that are turned on and conncted to the internet.

Prey can only track computers that are connected to Wi-Fi, and mobile devices with location settings enabled. To learn more, please check this article.

How does Prey work?

Just kidding. You can learn all about the Prey magic here.

How can I add devices to my Prey account?

You need to install Prey on them, and then run the setup wizard. Once you’re done the computer or mobile will be listed on your Prey account. For more info, read this article.

Can I install Prey on my stolen device?

No. Well, not unless you have some kind of remote desktop app. If that’s not the case, then you won’t be able to track the device with Prey, since you need it to be installed and configured before you can track devices.

Why Prey won’t track my iPhone / iPad?

Apple makes it very difficult for apps to do powerful things such as tracking, mostly because of security measures. If you wish Prey to run on your phone, please don’t swipe and close Prey. EVER. Just leave it on the background and it’ll do its magic. While there, Prey won’t consume battery or memory, it will just be ready to run the next time you need it. You can learn more here.

Why are you guys so awesome?

Aw, thank you. We do our best to help you defeat theft :slight_smile:

Hi there!

My name Is Tias and I couldn’t find a way to contact the support without having an account.

I have MAJOR issues to create an account. It doesn’t work on a computer or on my smartphone. On the phone, upon creating an account it says;
Couldn’t add your device
Couldn’t check your password(invalid credentials)

And nothing happens.

And on the computer it just keep on saying that the recaptcha is wrong. All thought I have ticked everything and gotten a green ok…

Please help me out with this matter!? Somebody please!!

What’s happening. Why can’t I create an account!

Kind regards

Hi @Tias
Sorry for the inconvenience, we had some troubles with our panel, but we have already solved them.
Please let me know if the problem persists with an email to [email protected]
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello @Daniela and @fabian I am Raaj and somehow I can’t seems to write new post so writing in this existing post. Sorry in advance!

The problem which I am facing is: In my Devices Panel, I see my iPhone device turned to be Blue instead of Green and when I hove over it says "The Prey client is installed but doesn’t support connection status reporting. Also, the device location which it shows is slightly away from my actual location I think this was working earlier. Below, I have attached the screenshot of the issue!

Please help me to fix it!