Has Anyone Ever Used Prey Even Testing With Success?

Does this work for anyone, even in testing?

I have three devices and just tested with them all in my lap and only one can reach the server and get contact. All are on wifi and on. Does Prey work on wifi? They advertise it does.

It worked on one device out of three. Many cases in forums of problems, not one thank you or success story.

Is this a scam? Anyone know?

I cant really count on it working since 1 of 3 when on charged and have connections.

Not even any responses to most comments it seems. I know companies give as little product and support and take as much cash as they can, but serious?

Hi @Incognito , I have already sent you an email :slight_smile:
Please check it.
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Yes, it works on Android, I’ve tested this. The only thing at the time was IIRC that it tooks the servers some time (minutes) to register and activate the signals.


BTW You’re asking the wrong question. “Has Anyone Ever Used Prey Even Testing With Success?” is irrelevant. “Why does it not work on my device (specifications A B C); I have done steps X, Y, Z” is more to the point.