History is blank

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  • laptop
  • windows 10
  • history

Could you please describe the problem?

When I log into my prey account online, and go to the device location (I have only one device), the location appears to be mostly correct. (It’s off by about 32 meters, which seems a bit high, given the density of wifi networks in my area.) However, when I click on History, it’s blank.

If I click on Update Location manually, it will insert an entry in to the history. I see IP and charging status updates in the Activity Log, but nothing that looks like a location entry. Notably, when I switch to tethering through my phone and back to my home wifi, I see that in the Activity Log.

Does the history only show when the location has changed by some minimum distance? Or should I be seeing multiple history entries as a I switch from wifi to wired to tethering connections within my home?

And finally, please attach a screenshot if available (you can drag and drop images)

Just bumping this topic, since it’s been a while with no replies.

Is the location history supposed to be blank, in the absence of any manual location requests? I’ve used my device outside of my home location since I posted this thread, and yet the location history still shows no events, other than the ones I initiated by manually requesting the location from my Prey account.