I update to the new version and doesn´t works my password to unlock the screen

Any way to reset the screen password from pc?

i unlock the screen password with 4 digits before and now doesn’t works. I have my screen blocked since the update.

i have a samsung s7

pd: sorry for my english.

hola, pudiste resolverlo? estoy en la misma situacion

Tuve que abrir el celular y desconectar la bateria. Lo desinstalé.


Tenemos detectado el problema y se está resolviendo en este momento. Una vez verificado el fix se actualizará la versión de Prey lo antes posible.
Disculpen todas las molestias.


I was locked out of my Moto Z play last night (Android 8). In the past my PIN would get me in (like when I wanted to restart the phone), but now the lock screen (which does not even indicate it is from PREY) wants a password. The PIN did not work, my Google password didn’t work. C’mon on PREY folks, give us a hint which password you actually want! How was I supposed to know that I hadn’t gotten hit with malware?

Fortunately I discovered (online) a way to bypass the lock screen (apparently has been reported to PREY as a bug) and so I’m back in.

Help… Nothing is working for me. Locked out of phone…

Try: https://medium.com/@tomemendes/bug-on-mobile-security-app-prey-anti-theft-fdfe8e27ec8e

Hi there,
This issue was fixed in our latest release.
Please update Prey app from the Playstore

Prey team.

Hello, I could not solve my phone, it is still locked, it asks me for a password and it does not unlock

Hi Elvis,

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please enter to your panel and send a “Lock” action. After this you should be able to stop it or unlock it using the new password.

Please let me know if the problem persists.

Have a nice day.